Presto Professional SaladShooter Electric Slicer Review

Presto Professional SaladShooter Electric Slicer Review

Ditch the knives, grater, and cutting board. This Presto 02970 Professional Salad Shooter is going to make meal preparation easier. Not only does this electric mandoline slicer cut fruits and vegetables in minutes, but it’s also safe, simple, and easy to use.

Convenient Design

Designed for busy lifestyles, the Presto 02970 Salad Shooter keeps meal prep to a minimum. You merely aim the device over a bowl, and it shoots slices of food directly into the dish. As a result, there’s less mess to clean up.

This compact unit weighs only four pounds and comes with a lengthy power cord, so you can maneuver around the kitchen with ease. Plus, its sleek black finish blends well with other kitchen appliances, in case you want to keep it on the countertop for accessibility. Design features include:

  • An adjustable funnel to accommodate small and large foods
  • An extra-large chute to accept whole vegetables
  • Four interchangeable plastic cones with steel blades to make thick cuts, ripple slices, and thin strips
  • Different colored cones to help identify which parts to use to achieve the results you want


Effortless Use

Cutting produce is no longer a chore when you use this electric mandoline slicer.

A powerful motor takes all the work out of slicing foods. Just grip the device firmly by the handle, power it on with the fingertip switch, and guide fruits, vegetables, and cheese through the feeding tube. As produce makes its way through the chute, a rotating drum fires out evenly sliced pieces, giving dishes a gourmet look.

  • Fingertip control makes it easy to point-and-shoot food right over a bowl or plate, or pan.
  • Versatile processing cones let you get creative with your dishes.
  • Precise cuts reduce the likelihood of pieces getting stuck in the blades.
  • Food guide keeps fingers out of harm’s way.


Versatile Food Processing

Don't let the phrase Salad Shooter limit your creativity. This useful gadget comes in handy for countless food applications. You can use it to cut food into different styles for salads, salsa, pizza, soups, and desserts.

It's the perfect tool for those looking to shave time on meal preparation. With this professional slicer, you can make your ingredients ahead of time. Then, store them in a container or plastic bag for use throughout the week. It's good for:

  • Zesting lemons, limes, and oranges
  • Grating cheese, chocolate, and carrots
  • Chopping nuts and candy for dessert toppings
  • Crumbling crackers and bread for soups
  • Rippling cucumbers and zucchini for vegetable trays
  • Shredding potatoes for hash browns


Quality Construction

When it comes to dependable performance, the Presto Professional Salad Shooter raises the bar. It assembles, disassembles, and operates with little effort. In fact, customers rave about its fuss-free design and durability.

A sturdy build allows the electric mandoline slicer to process large amounts of food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and still withstand multiple cleanings. Also, the robust 120-volt motor contributes to its long-lasting use. This electric slicer:

  • Doesn't need to cool down between processing, so you can push foods down the chute one after another without stopping to clean parts.
  • Features sharp, stainless steel cutting blades for years of use
  • Housed in durable plastic to endure frequent use


Easy Cleaning

The Presto 02970 mandoline slicer is easy to clean and maintain. With the power switch in the off position and the unit unplugged, parts separate effortlessly for cleaning. After washing, the compact unit stores neatly on the counter or in a kitchen cabinet.

  • No extra bowls, pans, or plates to clean.
  • The motorized base wipes easily with a damp cloth or paper towel.
  • Removable parts, such as cones, funnel guide, and chute can soak in a sink full of water, or go in a dishwasher
  • Cones nest together for simple storage.


Safe Handling

Fortunately, Presto made this unit with safety in mind. Unlike manual slicers, you don't move food back and forth across the blade, and the food guide keeps your hands away from the sharp pieces. Also, you cannot remove the chamber from the motorized base unless the power is off. Therefore, it's impossible to cut the skin with proper use.

After securing a cone to the base with the twist-lock mechanism, just power on the device. Hold the handle and keep your finger on the trigger while feeding fruits and vegetables through the chute with the accompanying guide. It's that simple.

Still, there are precautions to take to ensure safe operation.

  • Only use the recommended attachments.
  • Always use the food guide to feed food through the chamber.
  • Don't allow the cord to hang over the edge of the counter or touch hot surfaces.
  • Never place the plug, cord, or base unit in water.
  • Unplug the unit before cleaning, removing parts, or when not in use.


Say bye-bye to large, intimidating food processors and dull knives. Once you use this Presto electric mandoline slicer, it will become one of your most cherished kitchen appliances. Not only does this gadget save time, but it also makes meal preparation fun.

You can chop, slice, and shred firm vegetables, fruits, and blocks of cheese to make dozens of creative dishes. For instance, you can turn a plain frozen pizza into an epicurean delight. Or, make homemade potato chips and apple slices for pies.

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